You Really Shouldn’t Negotiate A Billboard Easement Alone

So, you have property that you think would be a great location for a billboard lease. You did your due diligence and figured out your local regulations and what you can do on your land. You’ve sent out some applications to companies like Lamar and Clear Channel and haven’t really heard anything back. You might be a go getter trying to learn what you will need to do if you get offered a deal. But you see, negotiations like these are tough, and could cost you big time if you don’t know what should and shouldn’t be in that contract.

For that reason, I’m going to give you a couple nuggets of wisdom that will help you if you’re trying to negotiate a ground easement by yourself. However, I’m just going to preface that I think you are silly and instead you should list your land with us and let us do all the work!

If you’re ready to #WorkHarderNotSmarter then continue reading the 6 tips for negotiating a billboard lease, but if you’re ready to hashtag that phrase correctly, then just forget this article and list your land!

6 Things You Should Know When Negotiating a Ground Lease With An Outdoor Advertising Company

1) Location of the Billboard

It’s extremely important that you nail down the exact location the company wants to build the sign on your property. If you don’t spell this term out, it gives the company the opportunity to move the billboard to any other location anywhere on the land! Oh you have a daycare center? Nah that’s prime real estate for our massive advertisement for Cheetos! This could mean problems down the road if you attempt to sell the land so make sure you negotiate that in the terms of agreement.

2) What Content Can Be Advertised on the Sign

The type of content that is advertised on the sign may or may not be important to you. But if it is, then you should let the outdoor advertising company know that you would not like ads that promote adult content, political campaigns, or if you conduct a business on that property, that they don’t advertise for your competitors.

3) Insurance for Billboards is A Thing

I bet the concept of billboard insurance never crossed your mind. Well, it’s kinda important. Like, strong gust of wind causes a giant picture of the Blue Man Group to come barreling down into your building’s rooftop important. When reviewing the billboard lease, make sure that the company has an insurance policy and that you are listed as an additional insured party.

4) The Length of the Billboard Lease

The length of the billboard lease is negotiable, most out of home advertising companies want leases as long as 20 years, but if you’re looking for something more flexible you can negotiate a 10 year easement and denote that when the lease is up you would like to have the option to extend the lease for another 10 years.

5) Hours the OOH Company Can Perform Maintenance

If you’re worried about the billboard disturbing people on your property, like tenants etc. then it’s important to specify in your agreement the hours that the company is allowed to conduct service and maintenance procedures. Billboards are to be seen and not heard.

6) Find Out the Size and Height of the Billboard

Make sure that you know what the size and the height of the sign is. You want to be able to understand the structural integrity of the billboard. The most common way to create a dangerous sign hazard is by increasing the height of the structure or size of the face of the billboard. You can ask the company for a sketch to make sure it won’t interfere with anything else on your property or that it is structurally sound.

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