When you list your house or land for sale, who helps you sell it? You wouldn’t let the local mailman show off your foyer to potential buyers, would you? No! You would want a person who is skilled and knowledgeable about the process of selling homes by your side. And besides, Buddy isn’t too keen on the man in the blue shorts anyways.

Our platform is an unusual concept, and so we’d like to take some time to break it down for you.

What is a Land Lease?

You can sell land, or you can lease land. One avenue means you never see that property again and have no potential in the future to make revenue from it. Leasing land means you let your property be used by someone for an extended period. In exchange, you receive monthly payments and when the lease is up if you’d like to use it again for something else, you can. Sometimes, you’re even able to rent out your property to multiple companies and continue using it how you always have. For example, a farmer could do this by leasing land to cell phone towers and for a billboard advertising company. All the while, he can still farm his normal crops.

Categories of Lease Agreements

There are tons of different industries that need land, but they don’t necessarily want to own it. The categories include:

  • Alternative Energy (Solar and Wind)
  • Commercial/Residential Development
  • Recreational/Leisure (Hunting or Land Sports)
  • Farming/Agriculture
  • Advertising/Billboards
  • Telecommunications
  • Traditional Energy
  • Conservation

Some people rent a tiny piece of their acreage to cell phone tower companies, aptly named a cell tower lease. Some people will rent their land to billboard construction companies. And there are even companies willing to lease your property to create a place for people to recreationally hunt! As you can see by the variety of sectors listed above, there are many options available to a land owner.

Negotiating a Lease for Your Property

Back in the ‘olden days’ when cell phones were bigger and egos were smaller, if someone had land and knew about this leasing concept they probably went to a realtor. That makes sense, so we’ll cut them some slack on that one.

Unfortunately, it’s like handing over your house keys to your mailman and hoping the dog doesn’t chew his shorts off during your next showing.

You see, realtors are really good at their jobs, which is selling homes and buildings. They aren’t industry-specific skilled negotiators, and they don’t know how to market your land and even to whom they should market it to. Your realtor doesn’t know the difference between a solar power lease agreement and a cell phone tower deal. And that my friends are a problem

Work with an Industry Specific and Skilled Negotiator

So we decided one day that enough is enough, big companies know what YOU don’t know. These companies know that your realtor isn’t a negotiator and that they are clueless when it comes to that industry. The companies use that to their advantage.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you want to work with someone who knew the industry that wanted to lease from you? Wouldn’t you like to know that your negotiator used to work the other side of the deal, knows all the tips and tricks, has the connections to back it up, and will market your land the way it needs to be?

Wouldn’t you like me to stop using rhetorical questions to get my point across?

In the end, the idea is simple, if you are a property owner and you want to make passive income, then you have nothing to lose. Whether your land is approached by companies for cell phone towers, solar and wind farming, or agricultural purposes, we have someone who understands how that industry works. By listing your property, you might discover uses for your land you never even thought of before, while gaining access to a network of people who will negotiate on your behalf.

If a company decides they would like to pursue a lease agreement, we negotiate the deal for free! We take a percentage of the deal only if the agreement is signed.