Investors make venture capital investments in a variety of different projects and industries all the time. One industry that is getting a lot of attention is the food industry. In the headlines, it is not uncommon to see companies such as Blue Apron, Juicero, and Hampton Creek announcing that they are raising a lot of money in the industry through their products and services. That is just the beginning of the push towards a sustainable food system, though. There are many other companies and investors that are raising capital to fix the broken food system.

The Kinds of Sustainable Food Projects That Are Being Funded

There are several different types of projects that are being invested in. While they all may differ from each other, they are all working towards the same goal. For example, there is a huge movement towards fresh and local food. As a result, there are many different investment companies that are helping ranchers make the transition to 100% grass-fed beef production. There are other companies that are looking to bring more fresh food to places that may not have as much access to it and create a more sustainable food system. Some others are even trying to help transition farmland into more organic and regenerative systems. There is more of a focus on impact investing now than there ever has been before. This is just one example of that and how many investors are actually working towards feeding our growing population.

Impact Investing to Make Sustainable Food a Reality

One of the most popular industries for investments is sustainable food and agriculture, which says a lot about the focus of many companies and investors. Many investors are now not only looking to make a profit but they are looking to help make a change. When they invest in things that will help make a positive impact on our world as we know it, that is known as impact investing and it is becoming more and more popular every year. At the same time, sustainable food and agriculture is gaining in popularity. According to a recent survey performed by the Global Impact Investing Network, 63% of investors claimed to have been putting their money towards food and agriculture. The impact investing in the industry has grown at a rate of 32.5% year over year since 2013.

Why Capital is Important

In order to scale both of these industries up, it is critical that there is enough capital. One of the biggest issues that the industry faces today is a lack of funds and it often results in many farmers and ranchers in the inability to reach the goals that they want to obtain. These trends are showing that this issue is becoming smaller and smaller every day. Many investors are looking for new ways to invest their money, too. They are not just throwing the money towards the problem and hoping that it improves. They are getting creative by taking a more hands-on approach to the management of the money so they can have the biggest impact with their investment. There are unique ways for farmers to pay back money, as well, making it something that works better with their model. For example, money may not need to be paid back on a loan, not an investment, until crops have grown and are sold.

Why is the Focus on Food and Agriculture?

Creating a way to ensure we have enough food for the future is a big issue that we are facing today. This is the main reason why there is such a drive towards food and agriculture. These investors are looking for ways to better protect the environment while bringing healthier food to the people in their communities and worldwide. They want to help build better infrastructures so that the things they are working on today can help sustain things in the future. They do this in many different ways including the funding of food hubs which are used to connect farmers to markets in their area. Investors are not just looking for ways that they can increase food in these communities but are looking for holistic ways to create a better future as a result.

Another benefit of this focus on food and agriculture now is that as the projects that are the focus now become successful and larger, there will be even more investors in the industry. This is only the beginning of this chapter in our history and investors are the ones that are making the biggest impact right now. There are some investors now that may not know how they can make an impact but the ones that are focusing on this industry now are paving the way for others to have just as much success and more. The ultimate goal for everyone is the transform the food system so that many years from now, food is not something that we are worried about.

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