Land is used for many types of music events or festivals. Your land could be used for a music festival, Renaissance fair, or other types of outdoor event. Some companies will want to do a long-term lease to be able to utilize the land for a specific recreational purpose every year and are willing to pay for that ability.

Growth and Potential of the Industry

The Music event sector is comprised of indoor and outdoor events, as well as festivals. This $13 billion-dollar industry has a double-digit
projected growth rate over the next 5 years.

Characteristics of the Type of Land Needed for a Festival Lease

The type of land needed for an outside event or festival depends on the purpose of the outdoor activity. Event planners or individuals who are searching for land for events look for specific attributes. Generally speaking, an outdoor event requires a plot of land of 2 – 3 acres as local zoning laws may restrict the number of people per acre. Field topography plays a key role. Land should not be within a flood zone and should be even and flat.