Launches the First App for Leasing Land Globally

Las Vegas, NV: releases Version 1 of the Land Lease App on the Apple App Store in Las Vegas today, in preparation for the 2017 National Community Associations Institute show.

Land Lease is the world’s first application that helps landowners lease their property to industries who are looking for long-term land easements. These industries range across a variety of sectors from telecommunications to renewable energy. Before and the Land Lease App, industry professionals had to find potential properties for lease on their own and in return were met with a slow and arduous process of managing landowner expectations while ensuring their corporations’ needs were met. This will be the first ever web and application-based platform that connects landowners who want to monetize their land with the industry professionals who need their property. and the Land Lease App is the only virtual marketplace for leasing land with a team of industry insiders dedicated to helping market a landowners’ property directly to the industries they have first-hand experience with and valuable contacts in. These industry insiders are the key to ensuring customer expectations, valuation assurance, and sincere long-term relationships between landowners and those who will be leasing their land.

  • Unlike traditional real estate services, markets the property of landowners to individuals and companies from across the globe. Our goal is to establish successful and authentic relationships to develop leases that are optimized and fair for both parties involved.
  • also has an affiliate partnership program available to those in the land industry or relative industries. is also on the look-out for industry insiders within the sectors that need access to the type of land available at on the platform.
  • is also a global advocate for conservation and is dedicated to providing a platform for those landowners who want to participate in or donate their land for conservation purposes, both on a permanent basis as well as shorter term, which is a new concept to the conservation industry.

We’re excited to finally provide a platform upon which critical industries such as alternative energy, global farming, telecommunications services, as well as mineral and timber rights can finally access with the click of a button, those lands who have agreed they’d be interested in leasing for those purposes. We are also 100% dedicated to providing conservation lands and humanitarian access through charitable contributions so that global citizens can maintain access to water, food, and valuable resources as the population increases over the years to come.
Land Lease Global LLC

For more information see or download the app in the Apple Store.


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