Help & FAQs

Signing Up

How do I become a member?

Simply click the button that says sign up and fill out the information. If you are looking for land, you may search without an account but will want one to request information and use enhanced features. If you are a landowner, you may add a listing by paying a monthly or annual fee which will enable you to post and manage your listing. You may set lease amounts, upload pictures and videos and receive direct contact with potential lessors.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

It is free to sign up and search. To list your land, you may either pay a monthly fee of $39.95 or sign up for discounted 6- or 12-month packages.

Do I need to be a member to search?

No, but sign up is free and you will have enhanced search features.


I am putting in my state but cannot find any properties. What do I do?

You may try using a city to narrow your results. You may also check all uses for a property search in a specific state to widen your search. If you still have no search results, it may be that there are no available listings for that state at this time.

I am looking for a specific industry use. How do I search?

Go to the search by land type button and click. You can also use the filter to narrow down the land types and use them in the search feature.

I am interested in a property. What do I do next?

If you would like more information regarding a property, click on the request more information button and fill out the easy-to-use form.

Are there any property listings outside the U.S.?

To search for properties outside the U.S. simply click on the country button and scroll down to see if any properties are listed.


How do I add pictures to my listing?

It is easy to add pictures to enhance your listing. If you do not currently have pictures you can take a photo with a camera or phone and upload it to the picture application on your computer. Next, double-click on the picture icon on the listing form and choose from which file you will upload your picture.

Can I have multiple listings on my account?

Yes, you will need to pay a monthly fee for each listing.

How will I know if someone is interested in my listing?

You will be contacted directly with the contact information you put on your listing.

I have decided I want to add additional attributes to my listing. Can I edit?

Yes, just go into your member page, click on the listing, and the edit function.