According to the National Agricultural Law Center, the agriculture sector relies heavily on leases to fulfill diverse needs. With absentee ownership of farmland growing in the United States, farmers, and ranchers lease many of the acres they farm and graze today. Private parties can grant these leases of land, or in some cases state governments or the federal government may grant a “grazing permit” for a rancher to use public lands for grazing. Farmers or ranchers may also lease the equipment needed in their operations.

Growth and Potential of the Industry

The US Bureau of Land Management issues over 18,000 grazing permits per year. They oversee 155 million acres of grazing land in the agricultural sector.

Characteristics of the Type of Land Needed for Grazing

Grazing land supports vegetation that can be harvested by grazing animals. Grazing land could include rangeland, pastureland, or grazed cropland. As an owner or manager of grazing land, certain entities, like the NRCS can help you maintain or improve your grazing land resources.