Land is used for many types of recreational purposes. Your land could be used for camping, fishing, four wheeling or hiking. Some companies will want to do a long-term lease to be able to utilize the land for a specific recreational purpose every year and are willing to pay for that ability.

Growth and Potential of the Industry

The outdoor recreation sector is comprised of 10 categories, including Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Bicycling, Motorcycling, Off Roading, Snow Sports, Wildlife Viewing, Water Sports, and Trail Sports. This $860 billion-dollar industry contributes significantly to the U.S. Economy, in fact it comprises just over 5% of all real estate, rental, and leasing. According to the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, the outlook for growth is positive and is growing rapidly.

Characteristics of the Type of Land Needed for a Recreation Lease

The type of land needed for an outside event greatly depends on the purpose of the outdoor activity. Event planners or individuals who are searching for land for events look for specific attributes. Generally speaking, an outdoor event requires a plot of land of 2 – 3 acres, as local zoning laws may restrict the number of people per acre. Field topography plays a key role. Land should not be within a flood zone and should be even and flat.

Other examples of recreational land use include hunting. If you are looking to lease your land for hunting purposes, details such as road or track access to the site might be helpful. Generally speaking, land needed for outdoor events requires minimal development.