The Top States with the Most Undeveloped Land

There are many rural parts of the United States known for agriculture and farming. These states have vast tracts of property that are highly untouched. Some of these states of large portions of undeveloped land surrounding major cities which make them prime real estate.


Unlike most major cities in the country, Indianapolis has undeveloped parcels WITHIN its border. As it has become a major transportation throughway for the state, there aren’t mane developed residential neighborhoods, leaving a lot of rural spots. Because the undeveloped land is weaved within the infrastructure of the cities developed parts, this is a great place to develop brand new property without as much up front capital required to develop a rural plot of land in the middle of nowhere. There is a lot of property that is zoned as both developed and as farmland! Which seems like quite the oxymoron, though it doesn’t have a high percentage of urbanized land – only 11% of it is actually developed. The value of land per acre in Indiana is $16,900 dollars, so as you can see it is quite coveted!


Nebraska has the highest amount of land zoned for agriculture of any state in the U.S. An acre of land is valued at just under $3,000 dollars. Furthermore, Nebraska has about 49 million acres of land across its plains, and a lot of it is owned by private individuals. Omaha is one of the largest cities in the state, but the surrounding area is highly vacant, just waiting to be developed! Another major area in close proximity to untouched acreage is Lincoln City. The undeveloped property can be found to the south side of the city.


Des Moines, specifically, is seeing a large surge in development. The surrounding areas around the city are still primarily undeveloped. There are significant number of technology companies moving to the region and the surrounding area is prime for developing communities. Most of the land available in Iowa right now is designated for agriculture, try almost 90% of it! The value for an acre of land in Iowa is about $6,600 dollars.


Most of Texas is raw, undeveloped farm. In fact, almost 75% of it is zoned as agricultural. San Antonio, the third largest city in the state, has the largest amount of undeveloped acreage and is a great location for real estate developers to start. Overall, Texas has about 167.9 million acres of land and with pretty decent land values, the undeveloped tracts are ripe for development. As of 2015, the approximate value of land per acre is $7,542 dollars. There’s something to keep in mind though, in Texas, mineral rights are not included in the deed for a piece of property.


Surrounding the city of Memphis, there are millions of acres of untouched land including millions of acres of forest. The majority of undeveloped land is found just east of the Mississippi river. Ranching, like in Oklahoma, has been a popular industry in this state. The majority of the land in Tennessee is owned by private landowners, in fact 81% (almost 11.4 million acres) of forest is owned by private non-industrial landowners.


There is a lot of vacant land surrounding Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City has seen significant expansion due to the petroleum industry. The Great Plains region surrounds this city and provides ample farmland and undeveloped acreage that can be used to further expand the growing city. Roughly 80% of Oklahoma land is zoned for agriculture because the majority of the undeveloped tracts were/are used for ranchland as it has always been a major state for cattle. The major city, Tulsa, is highly developed, but the surrounding acreage is mostly owned by individuals and is highly undeveloped ranch style tracts. You can expect to find the value of land per acre in Oklahoma to level off at about $7,400 dollars.


Alabama is well known for having been developed for the steel industry that burgeoned there. Near the Appalachian Mountains there is a lot of undeveloped prime real estate. In fact, 93% of Alabama is undeveloped, that means there are 29.7 million acres of undeveloped land just waiting to be put to good use! And at a value of $12,300 dollars per acre, people who own land in Alabama are sitting pretty!


Farmland as far as the eye can see, Missouri is known for its agriculture. At the heart of Missouri is Kansas City and the surrounding acreage is highly undeveloped farmland. Right now the value of an acre in Missouri is roughly $7,200 dollars. The majority of Missouri land is zone for agriculture, in fact this state ranks number 9 for the most amount of agriculturally zone property. Most of Missouri land is individually owned which makes the process of buying or leasing property a lot easier.